Coaching Session Plans

Steve McHugh, Head Coach, has put together the planned coaching sessions for February 2020. This is intended to give you, as a manager, visibility of what is being worked on in training each week so that you have the option to incorporate it in to your warm ups and focus areas for matches each week.

Boys U8-U10

1Sat 1st FebCrossing & Finishing
2Sat 8th FebManagers Week
3Sat 15th FebMini-Tournament/ Matches
4Sat 22nd FebHalf Term Holiday
5Sat 29th FebSupport Play with Forward Runs

Girls U8-U16s

1Mon 3rd FebCrossing & Finishing
2Mon 10th FebManagers Week
3Mon 17th FebHalf Term Holiday
4Mon 25th FebSupport Play with Forward Runs

Boys U11-U14

1Thurs 6th FebCrossing & Finishing
2Thurs 13th FebManagers Week
3Thurs 20th FebHalf Term Holiday
4Thurs 27th FebSupport Play with Forward Runs

Boys U15-U18

1Tues 4th FebCrossing & Finishing
2Tues 11th FebManagers Week
3Tues 18th FebHalf Term Holiday
4Tues 25th FebSupport Pay with Forward Runs
Updated on January 28, 2020
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