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Parents… When is my child's training session?

Raiders training takes place on Saturday mornings for U7 to U10. Other age groups train on weekday evenings. All girls on a Monday and Tuesdays, U15 to U18 on a Tuesday, and U11-U14 on a Thursday. For specific times, see the Coaching Timetable within the Coaching and Development section.

Parents… What kit do I get for my child?

Teams are provided with new kit every three years. Your Manager will provide you with 1 Match Day Shirt 1 Match Day Shorts 1 Match Day Socks 1 Raiders Jacket

Parents… Where do I get a Raiders jacket for my child?

Your Manager or Age Group Co-Ordinator will provide you with a Raiders Jacket when you first join.

Parents… Where can I buy Raiders jackets and other kit?

You can purchase a new Raiders Jacket from Berkhamsted Sports. If you require a new shirt, shorts or socks, please speak to you Age Group Coordinator and he will arrange this for you.

Parents… Where can I buy Raiders branded hoodie?

You can purchase your Raiders Hoodie or get tailored kit, with the Raiders Logo printed on via our Club Web Shop.  They can be contacted via their website via the link below which has an online club shop for Raiders players/parents/coaches. https://www.clubwebshop.com/a-z/clubs/berkhamstedraidersfc 

Parents… How do I pay the subscription?

You pay for your subscription via our payment system Paysubsonline. www.paysubsonline.com. In July each year or when you join you will receive an email requesting payment. This will have instructions on how to make the payment.

Parents… I have a Dacorum card. How do I get a discount?

Please email admin(at)berkhamstedraiders.com with your Dacorum card details and our administrator will reduce your payment by 50%.

Parents… Can I pay monthly/by direct debit/by credit card?

Unfortunately, our payment system doesn’t allow you to pay monthly or by credit card but by direct debit. We do allow you to split the payment via cheque, please contact admin(at)berkhamstedraiders.com for details.

Parents… How do I log onto Paysubsonline?

You log on to Paysubsonline at www.paysubsonline.com Your login will be your email address.

Parents… When does the season start and finish?

The 2017/18 Season starts on the 2nd September 2017 and finishes on 4th May 2018. The girls season usually finishes a little earlier.

Managers… How do I order new kit?

Please contact the Raiders Purchasing Officer for any kit and equipment requirements.

Managers… How do I order a manager's jacket?

In the first instance, please contact Raiders Purchasing Officer to check if he has any in stock. If not contact admin(at)berkhamstedraiders.com who will issue a voucher to exchange for a jacket at Berkhamsted Sports.

Managers… How do I order new/replacement team kit/equipment?

Please contact the Raiders Purchasing Officer.

Managers… How can I find out where we are playing

On a Sunday evening or Monday morning you will receive an email from our pitch booking system Skedda, informing you which pitch you have been allocated for a home match. If you have an away match your opposition will contact you.

Managers… Where can I find a referee?

Please email admin(at)berkhamstedraiders.com who will be able to give you a list of referees we hold if you haven’t been appointed a referee by the league. Please note that we only pay for referees for age groups U12+

Managers… I can't log on to Mitoo, the WHYL web site etc

You will have received log in details and instructions from your league at the beginning of each season. If you experience any problems, please flag this up with the Club Administrator who will inform the relevant league.