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Key contacts

The Club is run by a Board of seven Trustees, a Football Management Committee and Age Group Coordinators. Here are some of the enthusiastic, hardworking volunteers whom you may wish to contact.

But don’t give them a hard time. They don’t get paid for this!

Key Trustees and Committee Members


Role Name Contact
Club Chairman Chris Armond chairman(AT)berkhamstedraiders.com
Football Committee Boys Sean McKay,  Mark Walters, Paul Yarker, Andy Grindrod footballsteeringgroup(AT)berkhamstedraiders.com
Football Committee Chairman Girls Mark Thomas mark.s.thomas74(AT)hotmail.com
Club Administrator and Secretary Claire Roger admin(AT)berkhamstedraiders.com
Club Welfare Officer Joanna Conway welfare(AT)berkhamstedraiders.com
Operations Manager Stuart Riches operations(AT)berkhamstedraiders.com
Purchasing Officer Stuart Riches purchasing(AT)berkhamstedraiders.com
Head Coach Steve McHugh coaching(AT)berkhamstedraiders.com

Age Groups



Age Group Name Contact
U8 Girls Mark Lawlor lawlor_mark(AT)hotmail.com
U9 Girls Cassie Goodison cassmi(AT)gmail.com
U10 Girls Andy Besent andy.besent(AT)yahoo.co.uk
U11 Girls John McKenzie mackenziejohn(AT)btinternet.com
U12 Girls Guy Barlow guybarlow(AT)hotmail.com
U13 Girls Jon Hoar jonathanhoar(AT)yahoo.co.uk
U14 Girls Emma Weare emmalweare(AT)gmail.com
U15 Girls Nicola Everitt nicw30(AT)hotmail.com
U16 Girls Danny Cartland dannycartland(AT)hotmail.com
U18 Girls Cheryl Lyon Cheryl.lyon(AT)sky.com
U7 Boys Leanne Day u7agc(AT)berkhamstedraidersl.com
U8 Boys Ian Strang ian.e.strang(AT)gmail.com
U9 Boys Fiona Raistrick fionaberkoraiders(AT)gmail.com
U10 Boys Ian Strang ian.e.strang(AT)gmail.com
U11 Boys Shaun Dowse shaun.douse.brcfc(AT)gmail.com
U12 Boys Mark Walter mwalter27(AT)hotmail.com
U13 Boys Ed Garner edgarner.raiders(AT)gmail.com
U14 Boys Paul Yarker paul.yarker(AT)gmail.com
U15 Boys Chris Bertham chris.bertham(AT}icloud.com
U16 Boys Wayne Bennett waynebennettraiders(AT)gmail.com
U17 Boys Sean McKay sean.mckay.brcfc(AT)gmail.com