Pre match checklist

For those people who always turn up at the match and have forgotten something…… it’s worth creating a pre-match checklist!

Here’s a checklist that you can adapt. Create your own checklist for your format/age group/playing location.

  • Keys (to shed or goals)
  • The numeric code to get into a storage shed.
  • The numeric code to unlock the padlocks on goals.
  • Samba goal or nets for fixed goals, if needed.
  • Mallet/hammer for net pegs
  • Corner flags
  • Respect barrier
  • Match ball plus spare
  • Training balls for warm up
  • Ball pump
  • Cones for warm up
  • Whistle
  • Goalie shirt
  • Spare shirt
  • Spare set of shin pads
  • First aid kit
  • Stopwatch
  • Cash to pay referee
  • Half time oranges/Penguins for the kids
  • Registration cards (if required)
  • Trophies e.g. Player of the Match
  • Results card (if required)
  • Contact numbers – Raiders parents and opposition manager
Updated on November 8, 2017

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