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Coaching structure and philosophy

Unlike most youth football clubs, Raiders provides a professional coaching set up that delivers regular training sessions and support for the parent managers. We aim to provide every Raiders player with the best possible learning environment along with the essential ingredient of having FUN.

Steve McHugh is the Raiders Head Coach. Managers can discuss training sessions required for their teams and feedback relevant information on how their team is playing in matches to enable the correct sessions to be planned.

Jo Williams is Head of Coach for the Raiders Girls and oversees coaching plans and player development for the girls She also supports, develops and advises the parent volunteers who manage the girls at the weekend matches. By observing and supporting Saturday morning matches Jo will identify key areas of focus that will be reflected back in the girls’ Monday training plans.

All managers have free access to The Coaching Manual , an online resource providing guidance on coaching and drills.

Each age/group or team has an allocated Raiders coach, in addition to the FA Level 1 qualified Team Manager (usually a parent). Training facilities are provided throughout the season and are based at BerkoAstro at Ashlyns School.  Goalkeeping training is also provided. Training sessions are not carried out during the school holidays.

Club coaching sessions

Raiders coaching sessions are run on the following basis:

  1. Coaches will arrive 15 minutes before session starts.
  2. Coaches will have session plans with them, so managers can see what they are coaching their teams.
  3. All sessions will start on time, regardless of the number of players.
  4. Steve McHugh will hold weekly/monthly review meetings with coaches
  5. There are monthly in-house training days for coaches to include new drills and feedback.
  6. Steve McHugh provides support and mentoring especially to the younger coaches.
  7. Steve McHugh is the main contact point for managers
  8. The Coaching Manual is available to coaches and managers online..
  9. All young and new coaches dcomplete 20 hours voluntary coaching with a higher- level Coach, before becoming a full time Raiders Coach.
  10. We adopt the following Coaches Motto – PEPE
    1. P – Positive
    2. E – Enthusiasm
    3. P – Passionate
    4. E – Energy

Manager run coaching sessions

There are insufficient funds for paid coaches to cover the whole season. Paid coaching is provided for 29 sessions.  Managers are expected to cover training when paid coaches are not available.

Managers have the option to run additional coaching sessions under their own supervision. These can be run on the designated training areas on grass at Ashlyns School. These sessions MUST be booked in with Tim Allen via tim(at)theallenfamily.co.uk who coordinates all training activity on grass. If you have not pre-booked a training slot on grass, the school caretaker may ask you to end the session for unauthorised use.

Any manager needing advice on match day warm ups and coaching drills can contact Steve McHugh for ideas and suggestions, or make use of the resources available through The Coaching Manual.

Updated on November 11, 2017
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