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As an FA 3 Star Accredited Community Club, we operate to the highest standards set by the FA for youth football clubs. We take the FA Accreditation and Community Standards very seriously, and all players, managers, coaches and spectators are expected to adhere to our codes of conduct and to the FA Respect guidelines.

FA Respect campaign

The Club supports the FA’s Respect Campaign. Respect is the FA’s programme to address unacceptable behaviour in football – on and off the pitch.

Parents and Managers have a hugely important role to play in Respect, as they are not only responsible for their own behaviour, but they can also influence that of their players and other spectators, too. In particular, it is important that spectators allow the referee to manage the game without being subjected to abuse.

We run training sessions for our Match Day Delegates so that they understand their role in ensuring that the FA Respect guidelines are followed at every game.

Updated on December 4, 2022
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