Match Day Delegates

It is the responsibility of every team in Youth Football to provide a Match Day Delegate. Any team failing to do is liable to a fine of at least £10.00.

At the beginning of the season, Raiders runs a Match Day Delegate workshop for parents who are willing to take on this role.

Role of the Match Day Delegate

Both clubs home and away, must nominate a responsible adult/member of their club to act as Match Day Delegate on the day of the game.  This should NOT be the team manager or coach, but another adult who is at the match.

The responsibility of the Match Day Delegate as defined by the Hertfordshire FA is as follows:

  1. Upon arrival at the venue, the Match Day Delegate from the home team will ask their opponents, who their Match Day Delegate is and make introductions to each other.
  2. Together, they will then report to the match referee at least 15 minutes before the start of the game and introduce themselves to him or her.
  3. The primary responsibility of the home team Match Day Delegate to look after the referee before, during and after the game until he or she leaves the ground. It would be appropriate if the home and away team delegates did the job together.
  4. This would include, showing the referee where the changing rooms and toilets are, directing them to the correct pitch, and possibly offering a drink at half time and after the game and ensuring that their fees are paid.
  5. During the game, each delegate will be responsible for the behaviour of all club members and spectators. If the referee needs to he/she will, during a stoppage in play, approach the match delegate to assist him/her in dealing with any problems that may occur. The Match Day Delegate is not exempt from being reported for misconduct.
  6. Filling in match result cards, checking opponent’s registration cards, confirm result with the match official and sign result card. It would also be good practice for the Match Day Delegate to ensure that the referee is able to leave the ground safely. (Club official or match day delegate to perform this task).
  7. The FA Respect Programme must be considered by the delegate at all times, and a report form is provided for any issues to be reported to the County Association.
  8. The Hertfordshire FA is totally committed to equality and the County Association Equality Policy must be emphasised and observed at all times.
Updated on November 11, 2017
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