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Looking after our pitches

The rapid expansion of the Club has meant that we have over 80 teams….. and not enough pitches.  Some of the pitches get fairly heavy use throughout the winter – so we need to look after them.

The rules:

  • Raiders’ teams or opposition teams must NEVER warm up on the pitches.
  • Post-match kick-abouts must NEVER take place on the pitches or in the goals.
  • Use areas around the pitches to warm up the team, and tell the opposition to keep off.
  • Games must NEVER take place on a pitch which is not fit for play. One game on a waterlogged pitch can ruin that pitch for several months ahead.


Make sure that ALL PARENTS obey the rules on:

  • Parking
  • Smoking
  • Dogs
  • Cleaning mud off boots

Berkhamsted Cricket Club – Kitchener’s Field

When using Kitchener’s Field, bear in mind that we have a responsibility to other users. The Cricket Club has invested £50,000 in nets and artificial wickets. KEEP OFF! The net area is out of bounds for footballers, and obviously so are the two cricket squares.

Updated on November 11, 2017
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