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Raiders Strategic Plan

During the Spring of 2020, the Raiders Trustees have been working on a long term strategic plan for the Club, supported by input from an FA Club Consultant. Below is the output from that work that we hope will guide the Club in the coming years.

Berkhamsted Raiders CFC Strategic Framework 2020

Purpose (Why do we do this?)

To provide healthy recreation, personal development and enjoyment to youth football players of all genders and abilities, living locally.  By doing this Raiders will meet its charitable objectives and deliver public benefit.

Mission (What we wish to achieve?)

To be the best community youth Football Club in Europe. We will maximise players potential and have a positive impact on the community

By 2025 Raiders will …. have its own Clubhouse and provide at least 1,450 local players per annum with the opportunity to enjoy and develop their football and life skills in a safe environment with the best possible coaching and playing facilities.


  1. Build long-term, sustainable partnerships to deliver the best playing facilities, both indoor and outdoor:
    1. Provide access for Raiders members to two full size 3G pitches in Berkhamsted by the end of 2022.
    2. Increase the number of grass pitches available to Raiders members from 28 currently to 37 by season 2021/22 through gaining use of new pitches at Durrants Lane and underused pitches at Borough and Parish Council locations.
  2. Identify and fund a new Clubhouse
  3. Provide the best coaching to all players:
    1. Improve coaching quality; At least 75% of Coaching sessions to be delivered by Level 2 Coaches.
    2. Greater representation of female Coaches; 30% by 2025
  4. Improve female participation across the Club (in line with FA goals)
    1. Double girls’ participation, in line with FA aims, increasing from 250 to 500 female playing members (and maintain boys at 950)
    2. Increase female Managers, Referees, MDD, Lines people etc. within the Club.
  5. Support the development of futsal.
  6. Provide a development pathway to adult football for all abilities and genders through local club partnerships.
  7. Ensure an effective Volunteer experience with clear communication, appropriate training and clear Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Recruit a diverse profile of Trustees to ensure the Club meets the requirements of the Charity Commission and FA.
    2. Confident, fully-trained Managers & Assistant Managers to FA requirements and appropriate training to Lines people, Referees etc.
  8. Effective Club operations and communication between Football Committee Leadership and Age Group Co-ordinators (annually appointed)
  9. Contribute to community health and wellbeing
    1. Support CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) and maximise uptake of annual one day ECG screening for 14-35 year olds (available to all the community, Raiders players, other sports clubs and non-players at local schools). Fundraise £5K for 100 CRY screenings.
    2. Identify mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses.
  10. Manage robust Club Finances 80% of income should be derived from subscriptions.
  11. Build funding and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders eg. FA, Herts FA, local councils.
  12. Seek regular parent feedback to ensure Raiders is constantly listening and improving.
    1. Conduct an annual survey for feedback on facilities, Coaching etc.

We value ……..

Our core values are:

  • Respect
    For those we interact with; Officials, Managers, parents and players from both sides
  • Inclusivity
    Every age, gender and ability feels welcome
  • Enjoyment
    All we do should be with this in mind

Underpinned by 5 additional values:

  • Trust
    Effective and transparent communication across the Club
  • Teamwork
    Understand you achieve together not alone
  • Courage
    Having the courage to try new things
  • Ambition
    Strive to be your best
  • Resilience
    Overcoming set-backs and learning from disappointment
Updated on July 10, 2020
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