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Where does the money come from to run the Club?

Great value for money!

Every year, our volunteers generate £60,000 plus to plug the gap between membership income and the cost of running the club.

In 2019/20, it will cost around £312,000 to provide football for the 1,200 boys and girls who play football at Raiders. So, on average around £260 per playing member. Our membership rates range from £130 to £205 per year.

That leaves a gap in income which we fill through our fundraising and sponsorship activities. In 2019-20, we will plug the funding gap by raising:

  • £15,000 through Giftaid
  • £12,000 through sponsorship
  •  £3,250 from grants
  • £5,000 from events and fundraising activities
  • £13,000 through our “profit share” on the operation of BerkoAstro at Ashlyns School.
  • £10,000 from the Raiders Tournament and the Presentation events.

We always welcome more donations and sponsorship to close the gap still further

If you wish to view the Charity Accounts for 2018, you can download them below.

Updated on December 2, 2019

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