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Injuries and local healthcare services

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No child should train or play when they are carrying an injury that could be further exacerbated by their involvement. For instance, if a child has a damaged knee they must be refused involvement unless professional medical advice has been taken by the parent that says they are fit to participate. In the event of injury, the Club recommends immediate medical attention dependent upon the severity. This may mean a visit to hospital or to the local GP.


As part of our support for the Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) programme, Raiders ensures that, where possible, defibrillators are available at Raiders playing venues.

Defibrillators are located at the following venues:

Ashlyns School:

  • In the disabled toilets within the Paul Beard Centre.
  • In the main entrance of the Sports Hall.
  • In the main reception of the school

Berkhamsted Cricket Club, Kitchener’s Field

  • The defibrillator is kept in Home 2 changing room, locker no. 16.  Ian Sayle has a key which allows access through the main door and also has the codes for the changing rooms (entrance door and Home 2). Once BCC has completed the renovation work,  a secure box for the defibrillator will be attached it to an easily accessible area of the clubhouse.

Bridgewater School




Updated on January 1, 2018
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