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Who referees the games?

There is a national shortage of referees. For some age groups, League referees are allocated to games, but don’t expect a man or woman in black at every game. Raiders has a pool of qualified referees to help plug the gap. Many of our 16-18 year old referees are available for younger age group matches.

Referee training for our young referees is provided by Herts FA. The minimum age to book onto and attend a referee course is 14. Details are provided at: www.hertfordshirefa.com/referees/referees-courses

Parents and managers as referees

There will be many games where a qualified referee is not available. Mini soccer games are usually refereed by a manager or parent.  So, make sure that you read the various laws that apply to the various formats of the game. They differ from 5v5 to 7v7 to 9v9 etc. You can download the laws below. We also run a Parent Referees evening in September to provide guidance.

At 11 a side, managers may begin to get access to league allocated referees, but don’t count on it! Bear in mind that at 11 aside, the leagues have strict guidelines on referees and assistant referees in terms of coaching. The referee or assistant referee must not attempt a dual role. If a manager or a parent is the referee, he or she cannot coach, instruct, or issue guidance to the players.

Assistant referees

Each team needs to provide a linesman/assistant referee at 11 a side. Parents who take on this task should read the “Guidelines on running the line”, written by a Raiders parent who attended our Assistant Referees Workshop. (Download below) The Raiders Assistant Referees Workshop usually runs early in the season, specifically aimed at parents who take on this role.

Know the laws of the game!

If you’re asked to referee a game or run the line, it helps if you know the rules.

The Laws of the Game for 11 v 11 are available for download below.

ALSO… the Laws of the Game vary for 5v5, 7v 7 and 9v9. These are also available for download below.

ALSO… There are also Laws of the Game for Futsal. You can download these below.


Updated on October 23, 2017

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