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Get a pair of boots for just £3!

Football boots and Astro boots are an essential ingredient to a footballer’s life, and at around £30 a pair it is a noticeable part of the family budget.  The U7’s, U8’s and U9’s in particular, grow quickly and often, within a season, the boots purchased at the beginning of the season, no longer fit.

Anyone who brings a “clean” set of boots to the “Raiders Boot Exchange”, run by Steve McHugh, Head Coach, can select from the pool any set of boots they wish for £3 on a one for one exchange, or if you do not have any boots to exchange it’s £5.

We have over a 100 pairs of boots to choose from starting at children’s size 12 up to adults size 9. Most of the stock is in the adult size 1 to adult size 5.  We will always gratefully receive donations if you have boots lurking in the garage which are unwanted!

All you need to do is call Steve McHugh (Head Coach) at Raiders Football Training as the boots are stored at the BerkoAstro

Updated on September 9, 2022
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