What kit do we get?

Every player receives a Raiders team kit and jacket.

Before the start of each season, Managers request kit and equipment for the forthcoming season. The Club sets out a minimum standard of kit and equipment that each team is provided with by the Club.


All teams play in the same kit and that each kit has a minimum recyclable life of 3 years. As a club, we are aiming to align shirt replacement to a 3-year minimum cycle with U8, U11, U14, U18 getting new kit. This means you should only expect occasional replacement shirts between these ages for new players or sudden growth spurts (in which case the outgrown shirt should be rotated to a smaller player).

Shirts belong to the Club not the player. If a player leaves the club, the shirt must be returned.

In the event of a colour clash, it is usually the Home team that changes. Each age group has been assigned a kit – this is usually held by the AGC.  Each year the away kit is handed down at the start of the season to ensure kits fit the teams/age groups they were purchased for. Alternatively, you can use a set of bibs.

What each team gets

Each Raiders Manager is provided with the following:

  • Club kit (whether new or recycled) for each player registered with the club consisting of shirt, shorts and socks.
  • 2 Match balls at the correct size for the age group
  • Training balls at a ratio of balls to registered players of 1:2 (it is expected that some balls will be re-useable from year to year i.e. a squad will not get all new training balls)
  • A set of 40 training cones
  • A ball net/bag
  • Water Carriers and bottles.
  • Linesman’s flags (under 11’s upwards)
  • First aid kit

All equipment remains the property of the club but it is each manager’s responsibility to look after the equipment. In the event of any equipment being damaged or lost this must be reported to the purchasing officer for record keeping purposes and for any replacements necessary.


Updated on October 22, 2017
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